“The people who achieve the greatest contentment and success, plan for their future and lives. Have you ever wanted to do something ambitious but did not have a clue as to how you would achieve it? If you are clear about what you want in life, having a road map can be the most powerful tool to get it.”

Meet Cheryl

Mompreneur, Author, and Prosperous Living (PL) Expert, Cheryl J. Moses, is the founder of New Eminence and Chief Brand Ambassador at InnovatHER Success, aiming grandly to equip moms to advance in building successful brands, businesses, and lives. 

The best gift you can give this world is a woman who knows her self-worth, knows who photo (18) (1)she is in God, and emerges diligently into her greatness to impact the masses with her grace, inner beauty, and poise.

Cheryl uses her expertise in online marketing to help women create a success story and build a legacy by turning their BIG dreams into a BIG reality all while doing whatever lights them up. Believing in Faith, Fortune, and Freedom, has led her to teach women how to cut to the chase, get out of their own way and Break Barriers to Excel™. Read More




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