About Cheryl

“I took deep dives and big leaps of faith to get in the game after being terminated from my job in 2009, and realized that my purpose in life was far more than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t have a vision for it. I didn’t even plan for it. I just knew that I wanted to live a more fulfilling life on my own terms with intention and ease.”

“I absolutely love helping conscious driven professionals master personal success in entrepreneurship, transform their story into a money well, and cultivate a life full of abundance and joy.”

Cheryl J. Moses is a mom of 2, author, intuitive brand strategist, and creative design expert. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs who are fueled and ready to shine in a noisy marketplace build a thriving brand using the web.

Cheryl took deep dives and big leaps of faith to get in the game after being terminated from her job in 2009, and realized that her purpose in life was far more than she could have ever imagined.

She didn’t have a vision for it. She didn’t even plan for it. but she knew that she wanted to live a more fulfilling life on her own terms with intention and ease. This is why she created a movement known as the Break Free Initiative.

It’s Cheryl’s mission to help cultivate social change, starting with brilliant women who desire transformation and alignment for a higher purpose.

The Designer

In 2014, Cheryl discovered her gift and love of graphic and web design. Since that time, she started her branding and visual communications agency, Mogul One Media LLC where she and her team work with service based entrepreneurs on building brilliant brands. 


The Strategist

Cheryl has spent years using a concrete 3-step strategy that incorporates intuitive branding and marketing to develop the core of a brand, its foundational elements, and positioning to increase the profit margin.

Work With Cheryl

Cheryl would love to explore how you could work together if it’s a good fit. If you’d like to contact her directly, you can do so via the Contact page or email her at cheryl [at] cheryljmoses.com

I help ambitious entrepreneurs like you in countless ways to make more money, build brand awareness, and add to your lifestyle so that it’s more extraordinary and fulfilling.

 My mission is to help you combat your branding challenges with attraction and visibility, end the frustration of not having enough prospects coming into your client acquisition system, and create a passionate business on a higher scale.

I can help if you’re:

  • Stuck in an undesirable state, trying to make things work, but can’t seem to cross the finish line.
  • A thought leader, coach, or service provider who has a desire to impact the world with your gifts, but can’t seem to kick overwhelm, mind clutter, and “next step” frustration to the curb.
  • Having challenges with an online presence and brand strategy that attracts more clients and connects the dots so that you are fully in your power, in your industry.


Together we will:

  • Get clear on the core elements of your brand and your marketing message so that you attract high end clients.
  • Get rid of any mindset barriers that are keeping you from up-leveling your income. We will also create an effective brand strategy and marketing plan based on what you want to create for your business.
  • Create a branded system showcasing you as the unique solution for your clients, solving their biggest challenges.



A Message from Cheryl…

Coming from a place of passion and service is conducive to my happiness as an entrepreneur and as a woman. This is the part of me that allows me to be creative and giving, and uplifted.

If you’re anything like I was in the beginning, you may have dealt with the witch in your head from time to time that puts a dagger in your spark, holding you back from being the best version of you. Don’t let it. Put the nail in the coffin and lay her to rest.

My life and my journey is an open book. I’ve had all the head bumps, spent lots of dollars to expand my knowledge, and defined my own success so that I can help you style yours.

Click below to get on a discovery call and explore what options are available and if we are a good fit to work together.