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You’ve reached that pivotal moment in your life.

You’re still unsure about taking that leap of faith into being a badass entrepreneur that could bring in more fortune to your bank account and gain you the confidence to step into your power.

But… before you can do that you’ve got to admit that your energy is running low and there’s a drought where your fire used to be.


I can help if you’re:


  •  An ex employee of an undesirable J.O.B. that has tried to make this “entrepreneur” thing work many times over, but can’t seem to cross the finish line, let alone the starting point
  • A thought leader, coach, or service provider who can’t seem to kick overwhelm, mind clutter, and “next step” frustration to the curb
  • Already building a business, but struggle with a web presence and brand strategy that attracts more money along with raving fans who beg for more of you (and I mean the whole “shebang”) every chance they get

I’m Cheryl Moses, business success coach and mom of two. I help new and seasoned entrepreneurial moms gain confidence and build a passionate business online, that puts money in the bank and gives them the freedom lifestyle they truly desire.

I took deep dives and big leaps of faith to get in the game after being terminated from my dead-end job in 2009, and realized that my purpose in life was far more than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t have a vision for it. I didn’t even plan for it.

But my desire to serve and help others shine from the inside out, drove me to own my shit, woman up, and build an empire.


Oh but wait…I had a rude awakening.

You see, I didn’t understand that nothing would be manifested unless I believed it, cultivated positive thoughts, and overestimated my value.

That’s right, I said it. I had to overestimate it and let it shine in my confidence, my stride, and my talk. I knew I had to consciously commit…which meant I needed to get clear, get a strategy and get focused.

But I didn’t know how.

I was just out there, doing some spaghetti marketing to see what was going to stick and what wasn’t. I was on the biggest learning curve of my life, and it was well worth it.





My business has flourished and continues to do so. Every. Single. Day.

My life and my journey are an open book. I’ve had all the head bumps, spent lots of dollars to expand my knowledge, and defined my own success so that I can help you style yours.

I will help you create a brand presence that sets your biz on fire and positions you to make profits while also making an impact. We’ll get laser focused on a plan of action that will move you in the right direction to achieve the results you desire.


Together we will:

  • Get clear on your target market and the message you wanna convey to get more clients.
  • Get rid of any confidence barriers that are keeping you from building your dream biz. We will also create an effective marketing plan based on what you wanna create for your business. This will enable you to get shit done with ease, be more productive, and get your message in front of the right people so that you can build your community.


learn more.



My mission is to help you combat your branding issues with attraction and visibility, end the frustration of not having enough prospects coming into your space, and create a passionate business that lights you up.

It’s your time, and you know it. If there’s ever a time to kick fear in the face and step up to the plate to get shit done, the time is now!

You don’t wanna continue to underestimate your creativity or uniqueism (I so made that word up), when you should be telling your story and making your dreams real.   


learn more.



True Hard Facts About Cheryl

At the age of 20, I was homeless
I was living in the Bronx, NY and had been evicted from my apartment. I lived in hotels for months before I could afford to get my own place. 
I lost my mom at the age of 10 to domestic homicide
My mom was killed when I 10 years old and I lived with my aunt (her sister) until I was 18. I’ve been on my own ever since.
I almost died in 2010 from an ectopic pregnancy.
My blood pressure was low, I was bleeding internally, and I passed out at least 10 times that day. Before they took me into emergency surgery, I was sent to the bathroom for a urine sample. All I can remember is waking up on the floor of the bathroom with the urine cup next to me. I went into surgery unafraid. I knew God was with me. When He woke me up, I knew there was a purpose I had to fulfill.
I'm sensitive and some might say I'm an empath.
I’ve been known to get emotional off of someone else’s emotions. I don’t consume myself with it but it does have an affect. 
I didn't get spiritually grounded until I was 30.
Everything changed at this point. I lost my job, I was in litigation, and my marriage was over. This domino effect had me in shackles. I started seeking God more and growing in my relationship with Him. Life has never been the same.
I got divorced after 2 1/2 years of marriage.
Well, I tried. I married my daughter’s father when she was 9. I didn’t listen to my intuition. It was a mistake but I don’t regret it. I learned from it. 
I've been biting my nails since I was 8 years old.
It’s a habit that’s been hard to quit. At least I don’t smoke. lol
I spent years trying to become a nurse and bombed.
I worked full time and went to school part-time to study nursing. It took about 7 years to get through all of the classes and finally get into a nursing program. I did one semester and felt like my passion for it was gone. I then went on to discover the world of real estate investing. When I ran out of money for marketing, I got online. The rest is history.

Short Bio:

Cheryl J. Moses is a mother of two, entrepreneur, and author who uses her savvy style to help success driven moms and women of all walks of life, achieve their goals and pursue their dreams of having a prosperous life. Cheryl uses her spiritual point of view to get her message across and mentor those in need of knowing their worth and their purpose in life. After leaving the internet marketing arena in 2013, Cheryl founded New Eminence Consulting, a firm that serves small businesses for growth through digital marketing, and InnovatHER SUCCESS™ which equips moms to use their God inspired gifts to build successful lives and businesses on the web. Cheryl is a co-author in Head Ladies in Charge, and has written Small Changes, Big Manifestation, Girl Talk Self Talk Real Talk, and Beyond the Break Room, all available on Amazon.

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