Your Confidence= Your Success

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before when it comes down to being confident to succeed in business. And if so, I guess that means there’s some kind of truth to it. 

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Without a doubt.

It comes with the territory. If you wanna play small, then you might not have to worry about confidence as much. But where will that leave you and your business? 

Many of us are faced with different challenges when it comes to online business.  A lot of us also tend to stay in our comfort zone a little too much and that can be a contribution as to why we are in restraints.  In order to move forward and have your business thriving, you should always be seeking ways to gain more than enough confidence.

Gain massive amounts of confidence by kicking shyness to the curb immediately!  I am probably the shyest person you could ever meet, but I had to make some uncomfortable decisions in order to push beyond limits in my business and press forward with taking action. Having confidence enables you to overcome your fears and take a leap of faith. It allows you to take risks and move toward the level of success you desire.

Now, if you aren’t sure about how to overcome being shy and feeling out of place, there are certain steps you can start off taking to wither it away.  After all, it all starts with YOU and the decision to be better.  Always refer back to why you have a business, and what you want to accomplish in your business.  Your “WHY” will keep you driven and motivated, making it a lot easier to make certain decisions to become a more confident person.

Here are some key concepts that you can start using today, to boost your confidence levels and open up your prosperity gateway.


Daily Affirmations

I can accomplish anything I want to.

I am passionate about my goals.

My passion keeps me driven.

I am determined to live the life of my dreams.


Take Risks

Not only will taking risks help to conquer your fears, it will boost your self-esteem and move you closer to success. All successful business professionals and entrepreneurs have taken risks and a leap of faith.


Handle Rejection Wisely

Rejection is one of those things that just come with the territory. However, it is not for you to take to heart. Never take rejection personally because YOU are not the one being rejected. Everyone has a preference, and if what you have to offer does not meet someone’s expectations, that is where rejection will come in. Your offer may get rejected but understand that you have the right to rejection also. Know your options and shift your negative thoughts to positive ones.
You must understand that success is 90% mindset. And in order for you to stay on the right path, you have to talk to yourself differently. The same way you often let fear talk you out of doing something that could benefit your life, is exactly how you have to turn it around to have the opposite effect. Doing affirmations daily will increase your self awareness in the sub-conscious mind and over time your confidence will soar.


Feel Good

Do some of your favorite things that give you a good tingle all over. It may be a hobby or interest, or it may be something of service to someone else. There are plenty of options that you have, so go for it! You have a passion for something and a purpose for your life. You deserve to feel good.

Now I didn’t just say all of this for no reason. It’s actually For Your Inspiration. I want you to get this because you need to have tough skin in this business to succeed. The faster you break down the barriers that are holding you back, the more you will be able to move forward and be an online success magnet.

cheryl moses


Cheryl J. Moses is a mom, God chaser, entrepreneur, and founder of InnovatHER Success, equipping moms to build better lives and businesses using the web!