Here we are again, talking about that sales stuff. It seems to be the most hated thing for entrepreneurs to talk about because they are either afraid to ask for the sale, or they just don’t no how NOT to sound ‘salesy’.

Well, the truth of this matter is, (and this really hit home for me) we should be looking at getting the sale as providing a solution. Now I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it sounds soooo much better when you hear it from that perspective. and honestly, that’s really what we’re (entrepreneurs) are doing. We are solving problems.

Ok so let’s look at this bad boy from the beginning. It might sound redundant but guess what?….Sometimes you need to look at the facts over and over again to get it embedded in your mind.

Our mind wakes up like this….

We buy based on how we feel, in our hearts and soul.

We throw logic into the game to make a justifiable decision on what we’re buying.


That’s the psychology behind it all.

And I’ll tell you this, I never really understood how to close until I heard my girl Erica H-Vincent of break it all down. This lady rocks the sales game and will get you your life on Periscope. You can follow her @lifeafter9to5.

Now let’s get back to it.

We’re going to get into some emotional triggers aka HOT buttons that you absolutely need to push to get a reaction out of your readers. The best part is, you can use all of these to take someone from being a potential buyer to a customer or client on a continuous basis. That sounds really HOT doesn’t it? CHA-CHING!

The Essence of Marketing- Helping prospects make the decision to buy from you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t worry about features, just stick to the benefits.

It might sound cliche, but you have to get to a point where you know how to make your offer seem irresistible to prospects. And this comes when you understand them and their emotional triggers.

Here’s a list of triggers to consider. Think of these in terms of how you want your potential customer/client to feel:

1. I HAVE to have it!
2. I can let go. (sales resistance fades away)
3. I resonate with this or I’m connected. (establishes rapport)
4. I’m pumped! (arouse the buyer in them)
5. I can trust this is true (usually done with storytelling)

Now on the same level, you want to consider learning these triggers also:

1. How to let go of resistance by practically forcing them to adhere to your solution.
2. How to create a magnetic selling message with proof (that’s in the pudding :))
3. How to move into the subconscious part of their mind while looking at the conscious part in your rearview.