The following is a list of presentation topics that Cheryl J. Moses, owner of Mogul One Media (agency) and Major Shift Inc, speaks on to groups, organizations and businesses in general.  If you are interested in a topic other than what is listed here, contact us and inquire. 

Speaking Topics

Branding For R.E.A.L: 3 Simple Steps to Attract the Clients You Want, and Make the Money You Want Now!

Attendees will learn and be able to implement IMMEDIATELY:

  • How to position your brand for maximum results!
  • The simple 3-step profit system for business owners who don’t know where to start, what to do next or how to get it all done.
  • How to put all of this into a smooth running signature system for continuous growth!
V.O.L.U.M.E.S. of Profit: Turn Your Business into High Performance for High Profits FAST!

Attendees will learn and be able to implement IMMEDIATELY:


  • The secret to quickly and easily develop your own premium offers that work for almost any industry or business, such as information products, group coaching programs, courses, memberships and more
  • Complete V.O.L.U.M.E.S. (Visibility, Offers, List building, Unique money story, Marketing message, Email marketing, Sales acceleration) blueprint to build your brand and run your business so that you always make money
  • How to put all of this into a smooth running system so it actually gets done!
Explore Your Profit Compass: The Missing Link to Living Your Life By Design and Having Success in Your Business

Attendees will learn and be able to implement IMMEDIATELY:

  • Why it’s important to magnify your faith instead of magnifying your problems to undoubtedly increase the success of your business
  • What to look at in your business that could free up your time to devote to enjoying yourself more
  • The 7 step Soulful Money Methodology to transform your life and your business, satisfy your heart’s desires and to create your happiest and most successful life
Automate, Delegate, & Systematize: Simplify Your Practices & Streamline Your Workload with Systems & Processes

In this content-rich presentation, you will learn:


  • How to put your marketing and many business tasks on autopilot to free up more of your time and money
  • How and what to delegate more of in order to free you up to do more profitable tasks (and without costing a lot either)
  • The types of technology you MUST invest and put in place or it won’t work
  • How to put all of this into a smooth running system so it actually gets done!
Social Media Boss: 3 Simple Yet Crucial Secrets on How to FINALLY Get Noticed and Paid with Your Social Media Marketing Efforts!

Attendees will learn and be able to implement IMMEDIATELY:

  • The #1 thing you want to be spending your time on with your social media efforts
  • How to communicate and engage effectively on social media and why you should care
  • How to use your social media marketing to actually see results of paying customers and clients faster
Signature Summit Success: Cultivate Your Community Building Using Collaboration and Partnerships

In this presentation you will learn and walk away with:


  • How to find great referral sources and collaborations on social media fast
  • What to say to them to make them want to “play” with you 
  • What to do with them once you make that initial connection
  • How to systematize and outsource this entire process to reach hundreds or thousands of new collaborations every time
Blogging for Business: Connect with Your Ideal Clients while Building Your Brand on an Upscale Level

In this presentation, attendees will learn:


  • How feeding the Google monster with content gets you noticed and paid
  • Why blogging is the most effective way to connect with your target market
  • The #1 strategy to use for blog traffic + 2 other strategies that will set you up for success
  • How to format your blog posts so that you keep people reading and wanting more
  • 2 major keys to success with blog posting and getting found online


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