The frustrations of everyday living can sometimes get the better of us, and we allow minor disappointments to cause us major problems. When we allow ourselves to become overly irritated by the inevitable ups and downs of life, we become overstressed, overheated, overanxious, and just plain angry. ~Daily Inspirations for Women (Hugs)

When I read this, I thought…

That used to be me…at least sometimes.

I can surely say this: I’ve never been an angry person so to speak, but I know how to hold a grudge.
I made it my business to stop holding grudges and being angry about stuff that I couldn’t change, such as….certain events that took place when I was growing up.

I lived with my aunt for several years (who became my guardian), and it was nothing like being with my mom.  It seemed like after my mom passed away my hell began.

Was I angry? No question. Nobody wants someone else to step in and try to take the place of their mother.

So I carried that with me for a long time. Then as I got older, it was tough trusting people because of betrayal and deceit that I endured…mostly from men.


indira gandhi

In order for me to move pass all of this, I had to let God in. I had to do this or else holding on to all of that madness was going to destroy me.

I experienced my most comforting moments during my spiritual transformation….totally forgiving….and slowly learning how to trust again.

The trust thing hasn’t come full circle as of yet, but it’s a work in progress. Forgiveness was the main biggie for me. Letting go brought me a lot of peace…so much peace that I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt inside.

What I learned was real simple; life is too short to be holding on to anger and grudges and just plain ole hatefulness. If we direct all that energy into growing our businesses and making our lives better, it would make more sense and work for us in a much better way.

How has anger affected my life? It hasn’t. And I choose not to let it. I don’t know how people live, holding on to it as long as they do.

One thing I do know…it’s a lot easier to just be happy!

cheryl j. moses

Cheryl J. Moses is a mom, God chaser, and founder of New Eminence, equipping single moms to build successful businesses on the web!